05 Who we do it for and why

It is our intention to offer homes to the people who really want to live here and have a genuine connection with the area, which they are able to demonstrate. Examples of local connection would include; working in the area, having family in the area, being a carer locally, or already living in the area.

We seek to house the many people on lower incomes who cannot otherwise afford to live in our operational area, but who are the life blood of the community, such as people who work in post-production, the theatre, the hospitality industry and those who run our public services such as the police, hospital staff, and those who keep our streets clean.

Through sustaining the housing position we sustain the community. We do this through enabling extended families to remain living near to each other, and people to remain close to their support networks. We offer a range of homes at different rents (social, discounted and market) matching the different needs of people who live and work here, as well as offering business opportunities in our commercial units. Local businesses remain sustainable by enabling the work force to live locally. We sustain the environment and public transport through reducing commuting journeys.