07 How we are governed

Soho Housing Association has different groups which govern or scrutinize different aspects of the organization:

The Board

All key strategic decisions are made by the Board, which meets each year at a series of Board meetings, away days and joint meetings. Members work in conjunction with our Shareholders and also receive minutes and reports from meetings held by our residents, such as the Residents’ Forum and the Strategic Residents’ Group.

New Board members are elected by our Shareholders at each year’s Annual General Meeting. All applicants wishing to be Board members must meet a set of required attributes, and in some cases a set of additional skills, in order to provide the Board with all areas of expertise needed to govern of the organisation. We recognize the need to be aware of changing times and that skill-sets required may change accordingly.

Our Board has signed up to the NHF code of conduct “Excellence in Governance”


We have a mix of resident and non-resident Shareholders, many of whom are long-standing members. Shareholders meet at least twice a year, including the Annual General Meeting. Their role is to ensure that Soho Housing continues to fulfil its mission. Shareholders elect members of the Board, receive the Association’s accounts and annual report and must approve any alteration to the Rules, with certain key rules requiring a 75% majority. Any dissolution of the association also requires a 75% majority vote in favour.

Strategic Residents’ Group

The Strategic Residents Group is a self-governing group of up to 12 residents. The SRG has a formal structure and the volunteer members meet regularly to review our policies and scrutinize our services. Minutes and reports from this group are presented to the Board.

Residents’ Forum

We hold four meetings each year, which are open to all residents to come to discuss matters of shared interest or concern. Minutes of each meeting are presented to the Board and a report on each meeting is presented to the Strategic Residents Group.

We have made sure that safeguards are in place to ensure the transparency and probity of the association. We are a Community Benefit Society and are regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency.