3 Customer Satisfaction


Soho Housing measures customer satisfaction in a number of ways.

  Targets 2016/17 Comparison

Responsive repairs survey – 10% of all repairs completed in a month generate a phone survey of the customers measuring satisfaction

85% 95% 94%

3 yearly status survey – detailed written survey sent to all tenants approximately 30% response rate

3 comparable results for the 2014 and 2016 surveys

  1. Satisfaction with overall quality of home
  2. Satisfaction with services provided by SHA
  3. Satisfaction of value for money for rent.








2016 results

Overall satisfaction





2014 results

Overall satisfaction





Self Assessment

Overall results from the 2016 survey represent an improvement across the board compared with the 2014 survey and the three key measures above are all within target in the latest results.  Satisfaction with overall satisfaction with our services has increased in most areas but poorer results where more focus is needed include “taking customers’ views into account” (which has improved from 51% to 58% but still a disappointing result). Residents continue to identify repairs as the key area of importance to them.

In particular, we will be launching phase 2 of MySoho, our tenant portal, establishing a number of tenant focus groups to look at key areas of our performance, setting up a tenant group to revitalise our newsletter in both look & content. We have ended our membership of RealService and joined HouseMark to improve our benchmarking on customer satisfaction and allow comparison with more peers in our sector.