Building Safety

Building Safety Manager

As part of Soho Housing’s commitment to meeting the requirements of the draft Building Safety bill, we have appointed Femi Aiyenuro as the Building Safety Manager.

Currently under the draft bill the Building Safety Manager will be looking after Sandringham Flats, Driscoll House, and St Bartholomew's House, carrying out the day-to-day functions to ensure they are managed in collaboration with residents to keep them safe.

We will provide residents at the above blocks with regular updates which will include dates of quarterly meetings, names of representatives within your blocks and updates on future maintenance work.


Your responsibility as a resident

As a resident you also have a responsibly for fire safety. We ask that you work with Soho Housing to resolve problems in the first instance. This may require:

  • Allowing Soho Housing to inspect or carry out works to your home at a pre-arranged reasonable time.
  • Providing information that we may reasonably require.
  • Taking reasonable care to avoid causing damage.
  • Complying with reasonable instructions of the landlord or agent about means of escape from fire, the prevention of fire and the use of fire equipment.