We may award compensation:

  • if you have suffered significant loss
  • there is no other suitable way of putting things right
  • you have contacted us within a reasonable time after the event
  • and you have not done anything to cause or add to the loss

Loss of room or accommodation

A resident cannot use a habitable room/s because of repair defects, major works or other similar circumstances. To qualify the room(s) will have been unusable for over a week and the following conditions met:

  • The repair has been reported to Soho Housing
  • You have given reasonable access during normal working hours for the work to be carried out
  • A reasonable time has elapsed in which the repair could have been carried out
  • The repair is not the result of negligence by a resident or failure to conform with the terms of their tenancy.
  • Work had been previously done by Soho Housing to repair the defect and there was no reason to believe that the work was inadequate.

Loss of an amenity

Residents do not have the use of an amenity listed below providing the conditions have been met and the loss is not the result of a third party or a matter over which Soho Housing has no control.

  • No hot water for over a week
  • No heating at all for over 2 weeks (October - April)
  • The lift is out of order for over a week
  • Loss of service charge items for over 8 weeks, which have not been mentioned above.

Damage to resident's personal belongings

The tenancy agreement says that the tenants are responsible for their own personal belongings and that they should take out a comprehensive household insurance policy. Tenants will therefore in the first instance be encouraged to claim on their own insurance policy.