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Job Title Name Contact Details
Chief Executive Vivienne King  

Commercial Director, Soho Ltd

John Wallace


Development Manager, Soho Ltd

Commercial Portfolio Consultant

Euan Barr

Fran Crispin


HR & Communications Manager 

Board PA

Mark Jowett

Rebecca Coxhead



Operations Director Richard Smith  
Housing Director Susan Philpott  

Customer Services Manager

Customer Services Advisor

Customer Services Advisor

Jake Ogbe

Tim Atkins

Nishat Tasnim

email Customer Services

020 7557 7400

Head of Property Services

Voids & Maintenance Surveyor

Compliance & Safety Coordinator

Steven Holmes

Georgia Roach

Rhoojina Yasmin


Housing Portfolio Manager

Property Manager

Property Manager

Housing Coordinator

Older Persons Coordinator

Rosalind Ugwu

Folake Agbaje

Zahra Shoorvasi

Annelle Simpson

Cho Hung

email Housing

Finance Director

Deputy Finance Director

Jane Harrison

Shendi Keshet


Head of Finance

Management Accountant

Finance Officer

Finance & Administrative Officer

Finance & Administrative Officer

Rent & Service Charge Accountant

Donna Buckley Wilson

Thurairasa Jegatheepan

Della King

David Lovindeer

Dotsy Easy

Annie Doherty

email Finance

Business Systems Coordinator

David Pretty