Fair Rent

Fair rent (also known as secure or protected rent) is rent charged to any resident with a secure tenancy. These are for residents who started their tenancies on or before January 1989.

After consultation with you, the Rent Service will set a rent considered to be a fair rent, taking into account the age, character and location of the property. They are guided by fair rents for similar accommodation in the area. Rents are assessed every two years. We must give you four weeks’ notice of any increase in rent and then charge the new fair rent.

The Board have approved the setting of a "phased" rent increase for alternate years when no new fair rent has been registered. We can make a "phased" increase, provided this does not exceed the maximum amount stated in the previous year's rent registration. If you disagree with the rent set for your home by either the Rent Service or us, you may appeal to the Rent Service - now part of the Valuation Office Agency. Their final decision is binding. www.voa.gov.uk

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