Fire safety


We regularly carry out fire risk assessments of all our properties with communal areas such as corridors and stairs. These fire risk assessments will find any fire hazards or risks in your building. You will find a fire action notice in the communal area of your building. This will tell you how to evacuate the building if there is a fire.

For the safety of residents in communal areas, please make sure that you do not leave any goods or belongings (particularly items that could set fire) in the communal areas. The shared staircase and hall are usually the main escape routes so you must not leave anything that could cause an obstruction to someone trying to get out if there is a fire. We will take action against you if you leave any items blocking the escape routes through shared areas.

You can find more information on fire prevention in your home in the following leaflets:

Fire Safety in the Home

Fire - Make Your Home Safe (easy read)

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