Shared gardens

If the cost of gardening is included in your service charge, the
Association will ensure that your garden or roof garden is
maintained on a regular basis. If you have any complaints about
this service, please contact us. If there is no service charge,
residents will be expected to share responsibility. Some small
grants may be available to help you, contact us for details.

Private gardens

Private gardens are your responsibility. We hope that you will
enjoy your garden and take the time to look after it. If you are
planting for flowerbeds, leave a gap of a few inches between the
beds and the walls of your building, in case your building has been
fitted with airbricks. If you plant shrubs or trees in the garden,
don’t plant them too near to walls and fences. Try not to let your
shrubs and trees cast shade on, or overhang, any of your
neighbour’s space. If your neighbours have shrubs or trees that
overhang your boundaries, you can trim them back to the line of
your boundary. It’s a good idea to let them know before you start
any work. Technically you need to return any trimmings or fruit to
the neighbour.

Some trees may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order.
If you are thinking about cutting a tree down, contact your
local authority for advice first or you may be fined.