Gas Safety

Gas safety appointments

When arranging gas appointments with customers, we normally arrange appointments in advance. However, our contractors, Swale, are busiest in the summer months and sometimes experience difficulties gaining access at this time of year. To ensure there are no delays in safety checks, Swale Heating have suggested that they bring in a few extra engineers to door knock and carry out the servicing on the spot, should you be home and happy to provide access. We just want to let all residents know that contractors may be in your area during the summer months and may knock on your door if you are due a gas safety test. Thank you!

Gas certificates

When our gas contractor has completed the gas service, their head office will send out a copy of the gas certificate the next working day by post.  If you haven’t received a copy of the certificate within 10 working days after the gas service, please contact your Housing officer who will be able to provide you with a copy. You can find out who your Housing Officer is here