Good Neighbour Agreement

Below is the "Good Neighbour Agreement" drawn up by our residents. It is mainly aimed at new residents, but is applicable to all our residents.

Soho residents would like to welcome you to our community. As part of your welcome we would like you to embrace our neighbourly standards:

  • To show mutual consideration and respect for neighbours
  • To discuss with neighbours in advance if any activity is likely to cause a nuisance or disturbance to them such as DIY, celebrations etc.
  • To be amenable to polite requests
  • To take responsibility for your household’s behaviour
  • To be tolerant of children playing reasonably
  • To attempt personal resolution of any issues rising before reporting them
  • To think of others by keeping communal areas clean and clear
  • To make sure that all your household waste is discarded in the appropriate manner
  • To take responsibility to report any problems in the building