We do all we can to prevent harassment and take action against people who harass others and we support tenants who are harassed.

Harassment is not the same as a neighbour dispute. Harassment is usually motivated by prejudice. Acts of harassment are nearly always carried out on purpose to cause suffering, are frequently premeditated and are more likely to recur over a period of time. Harassment can include physical assault, damage to property, offensive graffiti, and threatening or abusive behaviour, letters or telephone calls.

What you can do

If you are being harassed let your Housing Officer know. We will give you an incident report form for you to fill in. This will help us take effective action. Report incidents to the Police. They can take action against people who harass.

What we do will partially depend on what you want. But we will not always be able to do everything you want us to do. The action we take will depend on:

  • how serious the attack(s) have been
  • how the harassment is affecting you
  • how effective we think a course of action will be - there’s no point going to court if we know we won’t win
  • what evidence is available
  • the resources available

Legal Options

Possession Proceedings

Harassment is a breach of the tenancy agreement. We can evict a tenant if we can prove they have committed harassment. Proving harassment depends on having witnesses and sufficient evidence. To evict someone can take a long time.


Injunctions can be a quick, if temporary, solution to stop the actions of the harasser. They can be taken out by the person being harassed or by Soho Housing. You need sufficient evidence and witnesses must be prepared to attend court and give evidence.