Mutual Exchange

Any resident with an Assured or Secure tenancy agreement can swap with any resident from any council or housing association in the country.

Soho Housing residents can register free of charge with two agencies: 



These services have details of thousands of residents looking to move. If you join, you need to put down the key details about your own home:

  • Where your home is located (e.g. Covent Garden WC2)
  • How many bedrooms
  • What floor(s) the property is on
  • What sort of heating you have
  • If your home has any outside space (garden, terrace, balcony)
  • Ideally upload a photo (you are far more likely to get responses if you do this)

Some residents may also advertise on notice boards.

Once you have found another resident to swap homes with, contact us and fill in a mutual exchange application form. You can get this by emailing our housing team or call 020 7557 7400.

We will then write to the other landlord and request a reference on the potential incoming resident. We will also supply a reference about our resident to the other landlord. Applicants need to be up-to-date with rent payments and must not have breached any part of their tenancy agreement.

If you are a resident with a different landlord, check with your landlord's housing team to see what mutual exchange services they offer.