New Homes


The materials used in new or renovated buildings contain a lot of
moisture. A lot of wood is used in most buildings. As this new wood dries
out, it will change shape or shrink slightly. Bricks, cement,
concrete and plaster are also used and these need to dry out as

It takes about a year in total for the materials in your home to dry
out. During this time it is especially important to keep your home
ventilated to allow the moisture to evaporate. Try to keep your
heating on at a constant low temperature, as this will help your
home to dry out properly.

If you have built-in wardrobes, don’t fill them too full or pile
objects against the sides or back. Try to leave the doors open or
slightly ajar to help air to circulate and dry out the cupboard. If
you overfill your cupboards, things may smell musty during the
drying-out period.

Cracks and warping

During the first year the plaster dries out and may shrink. Small
cracks may appear on walls as a result. Doors may not close
properly if they warp.

White patches

White patches may appear on your outside walls. This is called
“efflorescence” and is caused by natural salts coming out of the
walls. It will eventually disappear but you can remove it by gently
scrubbing the white areas with a wire brush.

Decorating during the first year

Please do not put up any wallpaper during the first year.
The walls need to be inspected at the end of the year, and
you will only have to remove it again!

You can use emulsion paint to paint the walls, but small cracks
may appear – and you may prefer to wait until the property has
been inspected at the end of the first year.