Soho Housing: Exemplar of Social Housing in London

“Soho Housing Association is an exemplar of social housing in London.” These warm words from the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development James Murray, were well received by the staff, stakeholders and partners of Soho Housing last week.


At an event to mark the recent successful developments and partnerships of Soho Housing, the Deputy Mayor shared not only the tremendous difficulties of housing provision in London today, but also reflected on his memories of Soho Housing, from his father who was CEO of Soho Housing in the 1980s.


The event in Greek Street, bought together the Soho Team, Board Members, Local Authorities officers, development partners and stakeholders, to reflect on not only what has been achieved in the last two years, but also to set out a clear vision for Soho Housing. 


Chief Executive Vivienne King reflected on some of the recent challenges, in particular referencing the increased safety focus following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. She outlined how Soho use a commercial approach to deliver social goals which has underpinned continued development in central London, with the central vision of “Providing quality homes that people are proud to live in, in environments they want to be in and enjoy”.