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14/07/2016 - Soho Village Fete 12th July

Soho Housing are delighted to be supporting and taking part at this year's Soho Village Fete, which takes place on Sunday 17th July in St Anne's Gardens, Wardour Street, Soho from 12 to 6pm. There will be all sorts of exciting events including a spaghetti eating competition, alpine horn blowing, the famous Soho...

17/05/2016 - Soho Housing Welcomes Three New Appointments

Vivienne King, our new CEO Soho Housing is thrilled to announce that Vivienne King has been appointed to the position of Soho Housing’s new chief executive, taking over from Joe Chambers who stepped down earlier in the month. Vivienne was previously director of business operations and general counsel of The Crown Estate, where she was part of...

14/03/2016 - Interview with CEO Joe Chambers on Soho Radio

Our former Chief Executive, Joe Chambers, took part in a radio interview for Soho Radio on 9th March. The interview includes discussion about his own experiences working for Soho Housing over the past 6 years, his first experiences in the area as a teenager, concerns about "Pay to Stay" and the government's new Right...

03/03/2016 - CEO Joe Chambers leaving Soho Housing

After 6 years of working with us, Joe Chambers will be leaving Soho Housing on 29th April 2016. "It's been a great pleasure and a privilege to work at Soho Housing and I will have many fod memories of my time here." We wish Joe the very best in his new role. Recruitment for a new CEO for SOho Housing is under way. For...

30/12/2015 - HAPPY 2016!

Happy 2016 image The Soho Housing team would like to wish everyone a very happy new year.

18/11/2015 - New Local Survey

We have opened a new survey to find out the roles, income and needs of people who have a local connection to central London but can't afford a home here. This information will help us to set meaningful rents (related to local incomes) and inform our future development programmes.
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