Open Days

We have held two successful Open Days to date:

Open Day #1 (Feb 2018)

In February 2018 we were delighted to launch the Soho Standard at an Open Day at St Anne’s Hall on Dean Street. The new Standard defines the way we will deliver services to residents and ensure their needs are at the heart of what we do. The standard aims to set out how Soho Housing will achieve our vision of ‘providing quality homes that people are proud to live in, in environments they want to be in and enjoy’. With four key elements – service experience, team attributes, developing and refurbishing properties, and living environment – the standard informs staff and service providers what is expected of them in their work with Soho Housing and their dealings with customers. You can read the Soho Standard here. It indicates the start of a journey which has already resulted in significant changes across Soho Housing improving the safety of the property portfolio and the accessibility of our housing teams on-site.  

The Open Day was also an opportunity for residents to meet each other and put a face to the name as we have recruited several new people in the past year.


Open Day #2 (July 2018)

Our second Open Day took place in the early evening at the 7 Dials Club in Covent Garden. This was a chance to meet even more new faces as we have completed more recruitment to make up our new Residential Operations Team (Asset Management Team, Housing Team and Customer Services Team). It was also an opportunity for us to launch our new Resident Engagement Strategy. This sets out all the different ways residents can engage with us to give their feedback on a range of things including the services we offer.

We are planning to arrange another Open Day at the start of 2019.