Our Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

To make an initial complaint by any means (in writing, email, in person, by phone) please contact our Customer Services Team  CustomerServices@sohoha.org.uk

We need to know:
•What service you are unhappy with
•What you have done so far to deal with the problem
•What you want us to do

All written complaints will be acknowledged, saying which manager is dealing with your complaint. The manager should then respond within ten working days, saying how we will deal with your complaint or telling you what progress has been made and when a full reply will be sent.

What do I do if I am still not satisfied? (Stage 2)

The next stage is to have your complaint considered by the Chief Executive, who should again respond within ten working days. At Stage 2 we will again examine what you are unhappy with; what has been done so far to sort the problem out; and what you want us to do to resolve the problem. The response to your complaint will give the reasons for the decision and will advise you of your appeal rights.

What do I do if I want to appeal? (Stage 3)

The final stage of our process is dealt with by a panel of at least two board members. We aim to hear your appeal within 20 working days of the appeal being made. But if this is not possible, we will tell you why there is a delay and keep you informed of any progress. You can attend a panel hearing in person or submit paperwork for them to look at.

If you remain dissatisfied after Stage 3 (Ombudsman)

If you are still unhappy the next appropriate step is to complain to the Independent Housing Ombudsman. Although Soho Housing is a member of the scheme the Ombudsman operates independently of the members. Membership of the scheme gives our residents access to this independent service.


You can download a full copy of our complaints procedure here