Our Performance

Customer Services

We want to be accountable and honest with our residents. We report our performance to all residents, shareholders and stakeholders in the form of an Annual Review as well as in an Annual Report to our shareholders. In addition we look to report performance updates in our quarterly newsletters for residents. You can download our latest monthly performance report here.

We are currently in the process of setting up new measures to capture feedback on our services in a variety of ways

Live - ongoing and current measures

Broad - surveys that encompass as many residents as possible such as the STAR survey which we send to all our residents every two years and the yearly Customer Service Index survey

Deep - surveys that help us understand in details our customers' views on very specific areas of service




We encourage customers to let us know when we have got it wrong so we can improve in the future. If you want to make a complaint, see the options in the Customer feedback section



The Customer Services Team are working with our contractors to deliver a quality repairs service.


Gas Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

Maintaining a 100% gas safety record is a priority for Soho Housing.


Rent Collection and Arrears

Rent collection is one of the main roles of the Housing Team and it is important to the whole organisation, because rent is our main source of income. If we don’t collect the rent we can’t afford repairs, planned and cyclical works, as well as day-to-day running costs. It is essential that we collect the full rent due. At March 2017, arrears stood at 2.8%.