Our Team

Job Title Name
Interim Chief Executive Jane Harrison        

Commercial Director

Commercial Project Manager

Commercial Property Consultant

John Wallace

Euan Barr

Fran Crispin

HR & Communications Manager

Governance Manager

Mark Jowett

Rebecca Coxhead

Operations Director Richard Smith

Head of Property Services

Voids & Maintenance Surveyor

Compliance & Safety Coordinator

Building Safety Manager

Steven Holmes

Georgia Roach

Rhoojina Yasmin

Femi Aiyenuro

Head of Housing 

Housing Officer

Housing Officer

Housing Officer

Housing Officer

Housing Assistant

Caroline James-Ford

Trevor Auguste

Georgia Tuohey

Annelle Simpson

Jake Ogbe

Colette Hazen

Finance Director

Jane Harrison

Head of Finance

Management Accountant

Finance Officer

Finance & Administrative Officer

Donna Buckley Wilson

Thurairasa Jegatheepan

Della King

David Lovindeer

Business Systems Coordinator

David Pretty