Frost damage

During the colder months, the water in your pipes can freeze, and
pipes can burst. To avoid freezing pipes:

·  Try to maintain a constant minimum temperature in your
home. If you have central heating with a thermostat, set the
temperature to at least 10°. If your thermostat is in the
hallway, make sure the radiator in the hallway is turned on.
·  If you’re going away for a few days, try to leave the heating on
for a short period of time each day. Then you won’t come
home to burst pipes!
·  If you’re going to be away for longer, please contact our
Customer Service Officers for advice.

If your pipes freeze:

·  Turn off the water at the stopcock. If you don’t know where it
is or how to do it, phone your team of Customer Service
·  Turn your taps on
·  Switch off your immersion heater and/or
·  Turn off your boiler
·  Phone your team of Customer Service Officers for advice and

If you have a burst pipe:

·  Turn off the water at the stop cock
·  Switch off the electricity at the mains if water is coming into
contact with wiring or fuses
·  Switch off water heaters or central heating
·  Turn your taps on
·  Call your team of Customer Service Officers
·  Warn neighbours below if water may seep through into their