Rechargeable Repairs

In order that we can look after our stock and manage our budgets in the fairest way for all our residents, there are times when we need to recharge individual residents for certain types pf work which fall outside of the range of repairs we offer. In some cases in past years we may have carried out works for some households which lie outside our offer. All our staff have been given clear guidance on what services we do and do not offer and will explain this to residents. We will usually require payment in advance for any work that falls outside our offer. in emergencies we may use our discretion to take payments afterwards.
Repairs we recharge for include:
  • Accidental or deliberate damage to the property caused by residents, other household members or any vistors 
  • Blocked sinks or toilets caused by residents
  • Lock changes where residents have lost keys or locked themselves out
  • Extra copies of keys or fobs or replacement keys or fobs where these have been damaged or lost
  • Clearance of empty properties where residents have not removed their possessions
  • Works requested by residents that fall outside our offer (although we may decline to do these works)
  • We will recharge the contractor’s call-out fee if residents are not in at the arranged appointment time and have not given at least 24 hours notice that they can no longer make that time
  • We will also recharge costs connected to repairs cases, such as legal costs for preparing, presenting or defending a case
If you have any queries contact your housing officer