Repair Times

Depending upon the urgency of the repair you have requested there are three main timeframes we use:

Priority 1 - within 24 hours

This is for real emergencies concerning health or safety. It is literally a 24-hour timeframe, so if you report a repair on one day at 4.30pm, the repair will be carried out at some point before 4.29pm on the next day. This also means that the repairs contractor could visit you at 3am or 4am (not just normal working hours).

Main examples:

• Total loss of electricity supply
• Gas leaks
• Flooding (burst pipes etc)
• Dangerous electrical faults (exposed wires etc)
• Blocked main drain or WC if only one in the home
• Flat door/lock (lock not working at all)
• Lift (if it’s not working and it’s the only one)
• Dangerous structural problems
• Heating or Hot Water for the frail elderly
• Heating or Hot Water 1st Oct - 31st March
• Total loss of Heating & Hot Water
• Major roof leaks
• Removal of broken glass for safety reasons and boarding-up

In some of the above cases, it will only be possible to carry out a temporary repair within 24 hours.

Priority 2 - within 7 calendar days

Main examples:

• Loss of heat or hot water
• Loss of security not covered by Priority 1 (e.g. Repairs to entrance door and locks)
• Leaking pipes not resulting in flooding
• Leaking drains and ‘U’ bends where the leak is controllable.
• Lights failed but power circuit working
• Communal TV aerials
• Entryphones
• Overflows
• Electrical repairs (e.g. Individual sockets, extractor fans)
• Lights to communal staircases not covered by Priority 1
• Minor roof leaks
• Re-glazing not covered by Priority 1

Priority 3 - within 25 calendar days

• Carpentry (e.g. Internal doors, windows)
• Plastering
• Gutters, down pipes
• Dripping taps where tenant has change washer

In some cases, where work may be desirable but not urgent, we will wait for the next round of planned works before we will carry out work.