Responsibility for Repairs

It is our responsibility to carry out repairs caused by normal wear and tear or faults. We do not charge for any repair that we are responsible for. If a contractor mentions the cost of any job to you, please contact us before letting them continue.

You are responsible for any damage caused by yourself or other members of your household. This includes any breakage or problems that arise as a result of neglect. We charge residents for any work done that is not our responsibility to repair. For example, if a resident calls out our contractors for a blocked drain and it turns out that the blockage was caused by fat or oil being poured down the drain, we will charge the resident for the call-out.

Repairs that residents are responsible for themselves:

Toilet seats - we don't replace or install these.

Light bulbs - we don't replace light bulbs inside residents' homes.

Getting locked out - we do not have keys to your home. If we arrange for a locksmith to visit, we will charge at least £95.00 and it could cost £150-£200 if our contractors have to replace locks. If residents force entry, we will charge for any damage caused. We strongly recommend that all our residents leave copies of keys with friends or family to avoid this.

Damage caused by leaks - if the leak has been caused by another resident, we are not responsible for any damage caused and are not liable for any redecoration needed. We strongly recommend residents take out Home Contents Insurance.