Sandringham Improvement Project

Shape the project with us

Sandringham Flats have not had any major external improvements or decorations for over ten years. It is time to put this right.

Soho Housing intends to start a programme of work later this year including necessary works such as external decorations and repairs, roof works, rear window replacement and electrical upgrades. The project will also include other works, which we want your opinions on.


Share your thoughts

At two public residents' drop-in sessions at the beginning of April, we received very useful feedback and heard residents’ thoughts on the Sandringham Improvement Project. For instance, we heard repeatedly that the residents' room could be more accessible and that there is a nice community at Sandringham, but it could be more connected.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share your feedback on the plans here


Talk to us in person and get involved

Throughout May, AKOU (supporting our consultation activities) and Soho Housing Association will be holding pop-up consultations in the courtyard. We’ll also be going door-to-door to give you a chance to talk to us.

Join a Focus Groups at the end of May - sign up here.

Take part in a conversation on topics such as resident involvement, measuring the impact of this project and much more.


We’d love to see you at the residents’ social gathering. Join us on the rooftop from 5pm on 9th of June. Get in touch if you’re keen to get involved with organising the gathering.


Phone: Euan Barr (Project Lead) 07468 487845