Soho Standard

Service Experience

Prompt support: All enquiries, via phone, email or in person will be answered and dealt with on a timely basis

Quality standards: We have clearly specified standards for all our repairs and will deliver these to a high quality in appropriate timescales

Local expertise: The Soho Housing Team aims to build its local knowledge and expertise in managing homes in our inner city locations

Proactive communication: Resident matters are important to us and we will keep in touch on matters pertaining to our customers


Team Attributes

Take ownership: We will take any query or issue raised and see it through from start to finish

Proactive delivery: We will keep in contact with customers, updating them regularly on matters that affect or are of interest to them

Professional and innovative: We will provide a high quality and efficient service, focused on sustainable technologies and continually improve our processes

Friendly and courteous: We will deliver with a smile! The way we deliver our service will make all our customers feel valued and demonstrate our care


How we develop and maintain our properties

Quality beyond industry standard: We use our own and industry expertise to ensure we achieve quality specifications and finish for each type of property

Soho specifications: Our homes are designed at the outset or as far as possible are being adapted to be easy to repair, with standardised fittings that are quick and cost effective to replace

Resilient quality: The products used in our homes will look good, be long lasting and deliver value for money

Designed with customers in mind: Extra thought is made to ensure that our homes are well laid out and that we provide considerate extras (such as bike racks) that are consistent with our core values where possible

Sustainably developed: Our properties are developed with environmental impact in mind to enhance sustainability via energy efficiency, low environmental impact, sensible maintenance costs and reduced overheads


Our living environments

Secure and safe: As well as prioritising safety and security in the design of our homes and communal areas, we also work with the police and other agencies to help keep our communities safe

Enhanced shared areas: We create open spaces where possible and invest in tenant initiatives to enhance and improve their environments

Locally focused: We get involved in the wider community, supporting local causes and dedicating time to take part in local activities to benefit our local community

Presentable and well maintained: We take pride in the appearance of our homes and surrounding areas


Our commercial properties

Supporting our mission: Our commercial properties generate income which enables us to provide affordable housing to local residents for the long term

Independent approach: We give careful consideration to the types of commercial businesses we let to, in order to achieve a harmonious fit with the surroundings, having regard to our residential accommodation, the environment and local community

Presentable and well maintained: We take pride in the appearance and maintenance of our commercial units and surrounding areas

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