Spare Room and Getting Benefits?

This year the Government are cutting the benefits people will get if they are considered to have a “spare” bedroom. 
This could apply if: 
• You are 16-61 years old 
• The Government considers you have more bed- 
rooms than your household needs 
• You get any benefits—even a small amount 
• It may even apply if you are disabled or sick 
This won’t apply if: 
• You live in a one-bed flat or bedsit
• You don’t have more bedrooms in your home than 
your household needs 
• You don’t receive any benefits
• You or your partner receive any pension credits 
Things you can do: 

  • Think about how you’ll pay the difference if your benefits are cut. If you have adult children or other adult household members you could ask them to pay more to help your pay the rent. 
  • Get work or do more work. Is it possible to increase the hours you do to earn more to pay the difference? 
  • Think how you will manage with less money. Look at what you spend on essential bills and see if you will still manage on the lower amount of benefit. If you are worried about debt, please contact your housing officer
  • Move to a smaller home—please contact your housing officer to discuss options.