Valuing Diversity

Soho Housing does not wish to be unequal by excluding certain groups of people from housing, employment or from the quality services we provide. We recognise that we are working in a multicultural area and aim to offer the same opportunities to all people. We are committed to this and have formulated a "Valuing Diversity" Policy, which is set out below:

  1. No person or group of persons applying for housing, or for a job, or for contracts with us, will be treated more or less favourably than any other person or group of persons.
  2. In the provision of housing services to existing tenants, we will ensure that everyone receives equal treatment.
  3. As an employer we will ensure that none of its employment practices or the way in which they are implemented discriminate against any member of staff.
  4. In the composition of its Board and committees, we will seek to reflect the composition of the community in its areas of operation, both geographical and functional. In setting the policies and monitoring the activities of Soho Housing, the Board will adhere to the Diversity Policy at all times.
  5. We will seek to identify the unmet housing needs of groups of people who have restricted access to housing in those communities where we have homes. We will seek to provide housing to alleviate the needs of those groups identified.
  6. In order to evaluate our progress, we will collect and monitor records of Board membership, housing applicants, job applicants, and applications for membership.
  7. When selecting consultants, contractors and other agents to work for us, we will provide a copy of our Valuing Diversity Policy. We expect the company or individual to provide a copy of their own equal opportunities policy, or confirmation of their agreement to work in accordance with our policy.
  8. We will not tolerate harassment in any form by or against any member of staff, resident, or Board member or company employed by Soho Housing.

As a resident of Soho Housing, you are expected to respect this policy at all times, as it is a condition of your tenancy agreement. You should be aware that we will not tolerate any behaviour that is intimidating in any way to your neighbours, members of staff or contractors. This is very important: You may be taken to court and may end up losing your home if you breach this clause of your tenancy agreement. You can expect not to be treated any differently by our staff or contractors.

We have procedures to deal with discrimination. If you feel you have been subjected to any form of harassment or other discrimination, please do tell your Housing Officer. They will take you very seriously. Action can and will be taken against any offenders.